Need to Know


Boulder Valley Church of Christ
270 76th Street
Boulder, CO 80303


  • Monday – Friday, June 10-14
  • Drop off between 8:45- 8:55 at your Girl Scout’s unit. Our flag ceremony starts promptly at 9:00am
  • Friday afternoon is our skit/dance presentations.  Parents are welcome to join at 2pm to enjoy the celebration.
  • Girls must be signed in at their unit – please introduce yourself to us and let us know which girl/girls you are dropping off.
  • Pick up is at 3:30pm. Please go to your child’s unit leader to sign them out. Please do not arrive prior to 3:30 as it disrupts our clean-up and flag ceremony duties.
  • Girls must be signed out by the adult picking them up
  • If for any reason your child cannot make camp on any day, please notify us as soon as you can.

What to bring to camp:

  • Mark ALL belongings with your camper’s name
  • Sack lunch on Monday
  • Backpack/daypack: to carry camper’s
    • lunch
    • towel
    • water shoes
    • light jacket
    • rain poncho
    • sit-upon
    • sunscreen lotion (no aerosols)
    • lip protection
    • insect protection
    • hat
    • hair ties/ bandanna
    • whistle (on a cord to wear around neck)
  • Please wear a swimsuit under clothes to camp.
  • Two bottles of water to drink – best to have the second bottle half frozen so it will melt during the day.
  • Mess kit (plastic plate, cup and eating utensils) in a mesh bag (dunk bag).
  • Pocket knife (5th grade and up only – this is optional, not required)
  • Hair ties or rubber bands (long hair must be tied back when around fire, or while doing archery)
  • Sit-upon can be as simple as a homemade pad made out of a vinyl tablecloth padded with newspaper and sewn or duct taped together into a pillow, or even a store bought lawn chair cushion.
  • Any medication MUST be in the original container and turned in to the Camp Nurse. Epi-Pens and asthma inhalers are kept in-unit.
    Medication Form

What to wear:

  • All campers must wear a hat while at camp – preferably one with a wide brim that goes all the way around. Please make sure it is labeled – they have a way of going astray!
  • T-shirts with sleeves that cover the shoulders
  • Shorts or comfortable lightweight pants – shorts should be fingertip length (no short-shorts!)
  • Socks that cover the ankle
  • Sneakers/tennis shoes
  • Sunscreen NO Aerosols – please apply to camper before drop off, and bring along some extra for camper to reapply themselves. Camp staff cannot apply sunscreen to the campers. Lotions and pump varieties are best.
  • Monday: please wear a t-shirt that corresponds with your unit color.
  • Thursday: wear Brave Games camp t-shirt

What not to wear or bring to camp:

  • Sandals/flip flops/Crocs (please have these in day pack only!  DO not wear to camp)
  • Halter or Tank tops
  • Money or other valuables
  • Electronics, including cell phone
  • Aerosol sunscreen or bug repellent
  • Long hanging jewelry that could cause a safety issue during archery
  • Anything that cannot get dirty 

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