Daily Camp Menu

Dear Parents,

As much as we try to accommodate everyone’s dietary needs, we are unfortunately unable to meet all needs.  In an effort to make your Girl Scout’s camp experience enjoyable, please review our menu and plan accordingly.  Feel free to send optional substitutions from home.  In most cases, sensitivities/allergies can be avoided by simply not adding items to a meal.  For example, when we serve walking tacos, your Girl Scout can avoid dairy by not adding cheese.  However, not all meals can avoid all sensitivities/allergies.  Please educate your child to advocate for themselves if they have a particularly life-threatening allergy and send substitutes from home as needed.

Monday: Bring Your Own Lunch

AM Snack – Pineapples Under the Sea

PM Snack – Cove Cheese sticks

Tuesday: Boardwalk Hot dogs, chips and watermelon (hot dogs, buns, various chip bag options, mustard and ketchup)

AM Snack – Creek side Cheese-its 

PM Snack – Glacier Go-gurts

Wednesday: Chillin’ Chili Nachos and fruit (tortilla chips, cheese, sour cream and chili)

AM Snack – Watermelon

PM Snack – Beach Bonfire Banana S’mores (bananas, chocolate chips, mini-marshmallows)

Thursday: Puddle Pasta Bowl and carrots (pasta, tomato sauce, Parmesan cheese) 

AM Snack – Glacier Go-gurts

PM Snack – Goldfish

Friday: Pool Party Pizza

AM Snack – Lakefront Leftovers 

PM Snack – Arctic Popsicles



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